Author: Edwina Wyatt
Illustrator: Lucia Masciullo
Publisher: Little Hare Books
Published: February 2021
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
ISBN: 9781760504083



Lilah’s beloved cat, Olive, dies. All she is left with is an olive tree to remember her by. Seasons pass and the tree grows but Lilah is too grief stricken to see its beauty and connection to Olive.

Until, one day, in the safety of the tree’s branches, and with the help of a stray cat, Lilah is ready to remember.

When we open our hearts, love finds us.

A CBCA Reading Time Reviewer’s Top pick of 2021

“A sensitive story about the death of a much-loved pet.” – Kirkus Reviews.

“A beloved pet, a tree and a grief-stricken girl. These three simple elements tugged at my hardened heart, squeezing until it nearly swelled out of my ribcage. A special book with a beautiful message to ponder, one that offers an ideal jumping off point for conversations about grief, loss and healing.” Maura Pierlot, CBCA Reading Time

“A beautiful story about the loss of a loved pet and the stages of grief that follow. An uplifting ending that offers hope and the chance to heal. The illustrations are sublime, moving between the colourful and monochromatic palettes and capturing the emotions of the text beautifully. A great introduction to grief for our younger students that shows the emotions we all feel and that we do eventually move on. ” 

– Telarah Public School Library

“This has a perfect story arc, beautiful language, and illustrations that convey so much feeling. As a reader, it would be such a great book to help kids cope with loss (or change). As a writer (or illustrator) it makes for a wonderful mentor text to ponder and absorb. This one’s something special.” – Liz Ledden

“Oh, how I love this book about the death of a beloved cat. It is about grieving and remembering, and the ending is uplifting without being even faintly earnest or saccharine. Perfect for readers young (or old) who have lost a beloved animal (or person)… It’s so important to honour the grief for an animal and this book does it exquisitely.” – Sarah Armstrong, Author

“Our booksellers love the message found within the beautifully illustrated Olive. A heartfelt and inspiring story about recovering from loss, for readers young and old alike.” – The Bowral Bookshop

The story beautifully captures complex emotions from sorrow, through to denial, then to anger, frustration and finally to acceptance and love. A great way to talk little people about big emotions.” – Curious Columbus

“Olive is a beautiful picture book for anyone who has ever loved a cat (or any pet for that matter). It is a touching story about first love, loss and navigating the darkness that can be all consuming-grief.
Often we shy away from discussing the topic with young children for fear of upsetting them. Olive provides a beautiful jumping off point to provoke discussion in a safe space.”
– Books & Things with Mrs B