Author: Edwina Wyatt
Illustrator: Tamsin Ainslie
Publisher: Walker Books
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-760650-42-1


Sometimes Cake

Audrey found Lion. 

Lion had a cake.

“What are you celebrating?” asked Audrey.

“Tuesdays,” said Lion. 

“Also, coconuts.”

A story about finding joy in the smallest things and discovering that, even on the most ordinary of days, there is always a reason to have cake.



Published by Candlewick Press (USA) and Walker Books UK and Australia

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“Wyatt’s text shows an appreciation of both the drollness and profundity of children’s thinking, and the story’s message about appreciating the little, everyday things is welcome and timely. . . . Ainslie’s illustrations, rendered in pencil and gentle watercolors, are airy and sweet. . . A charmer that reminds readers to cultivate simple pleasures, recognize life’s commonplace gifts, and enjoy a little cake.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Sometimes Cake is picture-book perfection at its scrumptious best! If this book were a cake, I’d gobble it up again and again and again. In every way, it reads a treat. The text is simple and effortless without a word misplaced, and the soft water-colour illustrations bring a playful, whimsical feel to the story.

This is a book about sometimes and being present in the moment. It is about finding the remarkable in the little things. Of celebrating the silly and nonsensical and making play in imaginative ways. A gentle story full of wonder and warmth, as comfy as a favourite cardi and a cosy reading nook. This is a perfect story to read together, sometimes … but mostly on Tuesdays.” – Readings Books

“Much is worth feting in this sprightly tale, and the atmosphere of gentle anarchy has only one rule: friends ought to notice when friends aren’t feeling their best, and try to give them what will make them happy…Pencil-and-watercolor spreads by Ainslie are light and soft and elegantly composed.” – Publishers Weekly

“Endearing illustrations made with wispy pencil lines and delicate washes of watercolor on a white background are scattered with dainty details and are well-suited to the whimsy of the text.”—School Library Journal

“Yummy and appealing…a sweet story about friendship, celebration and what it looks like to show up for the people—or lions—in your life…Wyatt forgoes fancy literary flourishes for simple, brief and approachable text. She also makes excellent use of repetition, adding predictability that will engage the youngest of readers.

Wyatt’s plainspoken writing has a unique sense of humour that will leave adults smiling at Audrey and Lion’s childlike logic. Calm, kind and earnest, an easy book to like. It is fun, cheery and not too rambunctious for bedtime… a lovely introduction to the concept of empathy. But what makes it a true gem is its accessible, heartfelt message: Be the friend who shows up with cake. Bring confetti to the party. Pay attention to those around you. Sometimes it’s just Tuesday, but even Tuesdays deserve cake.” – Book Page

“Suitable for an adult reader and child viewer to pick up right before bedtime, with its gently whimsical premise furthered by Ainslie’s dreamy, soft watercolors and scratchy pencil lines. The underlying message about celebrating and appreciating the ordinary is just the right level of sweetness, the icing on the proverbial cake.”—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“This delightful picture book celebrates friendship and finding joy in the everyday. The whimsical soft pastel watercolours bring extra layers to the simple text and are reminiscent of Freya Blackwood. This book is a lovely way to explore celebrations, friendship and feelings with early childhood and kindergarten children.”– CBCA Reading Time

“If my 3 year old had a Book of the Year award to present, the winner would be Sometimes Cake.This book feels timeless, from its gentle story to the divine illustrations that capture the most precious details of childhood..This is one of those books that you want to hug tightly because it is so special. And, it gives us all an excuse to eat cake whenever there is something to celebrate – which is almost always. ” – Artsplorers

“Sometimes Cake is a sweet tale about the joy of special days that are worth blowing up balloons and scattering confetti for, but is also a good reminder that sometimes we should just be grateful for pockets of time that can be spent with friends.

“Highly Recommended. The pen and watercolour illustrations sparkle depicting the friendship between the two characters… I love the sparse text, brimming with subtle overtones, encouraging children to be more aware of how their friends are feeling.”  ReadPlus