Aug 04, 2023

Latest book: Cub & Brown

Published with Walker Books, August 2023

Cub loves exploring the Great Outdoors – he is prepared for everything.

Well, he tried to be. There are plenty of things to learn and tips to follow.

However, Cub isn’t quite sure what he would do if he ever met a bear in the woods.

So when Cub meets Brown, he finds that the outdoors, and the indoors, are full of surprises.


Featured in The Guardian’s “Best Australian Children’s Books of 2023”. 


“This heartwarming tale of adventure and friendship is irresistibly playful, steeped in humour, wit and a dash of whimsy – I was charmed from the very beginning. Cub and Brown is 12 chapters of sheer delight!

Cub, a boy scout, is well organised; he’s aware that preparation is the key to success in the great outdoors and so he’s keen to learn all he can. Bear, known as Brown, is prone to taking things at face value and misinterpreting the obvious, but he’s full of ideas, endlessly playful and he’s scared of rabbits! Together, Cub and Brown explore the woods over the summer, and discover the joys and (inevitable) conundrums of friendship. The conclusion is that life is overwhelmingly better when shared.

With delightful illustrations generously scattered throughout, this wonderfully humorous read aloud chapter book will entertain the whole family (and any classroom); highly recommended for independent readers aged 7+.”

– Readings

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