Author: Edwina Wyatt
Illustrator: Katherine Quinn
Publisher: Walker Books
Format: Hardback, 160 pages


The Magic of Magnolia Moon

Magnolia Moon is very good at making magic. Not the ordinary sorts of magic, but the quiet, rarer kinds that are easily missed. Which is why she is always leaning in and whispering:

“Did you see that?”

Magnolia Moon is back with more secrets to share in her year of being ten, reminding readers that life can be magical if you take the time to notice.

From the author of The Secrets of Magnolia Moon

(CBCA Honour Book of the Year 2020, Shortlisted for the Readings’ Children’s Book Prize)


“A great example of why adults should read children’s books: not just for the beautiful, lyrical prose, but Magnolia Moon’s absolute awe in the small things around us. This is perfect for these challenging times and shows us that even in dark times, we can find just a little magic every day.” – Sydney Morning Herald/ The Age Booklist

“Like all the best children’s literature, this book is charming, gentle, clever, elegant and wise. The luminous world of Magnolia Moon is an utter delight.”– Davina Bell

“A lyrical treasure of a book… Dreamy and tender. Magnolia is a joyful soul who puts a positive spin on everything. There is a gentle sensibility about Edwina Wyatt’s writing. Multiple layers of wisdom shine from the pages…It is refreshing to know that books still exist that invite children into a safe and innocent world of wonder.

It is increasingly important that children have this style of book read to them as an antidote to the confronting issues with which they are faced today. Recommended.” – Read Plus

“Otherworldly…The most gorgeous series for readers from 7+. Beautiful illustrations by Katherine Quinn. They are magical and whimsical. They’ve got a real Kate DiCamillo feel and a Jaclyn Moriaty feel but for a younger audience.” – Megan Daley, Your Kid’s Next Read

“The Magnolia Moon trilogy is shaping up to be an exquisite and important body of work for children.” – Joy Lawn, Paperbark Words

“…charming language and beautiful, sometimes humorous, descriptions of the world through Magnolia’s eyes, and the reminders of the deeper magic in the world, without the author ever becoming didactic about it… just the right amount of wry humour, sweet charm, and quirky happenings…What we all need sometimes is a little bit of Magnolia Magic. – CBCA Reading Time

 “…an exquisitely special reading experience. Magnolia inspires kids to embrace magic and open their mind to possibility. It provides relatable reassurance that there are solutions to kid-life challenges, but those solutions don’t need to be boring or expected. Creativity and imagination (and magic) have power, and this book is a giant celebration of these things. This book truly is enchanting. It’s a book you feel like hugging when you complete it and a story that lingers in your thoughts.” – Kids Book Review

“Magnolia Moon is a little older, her world is more complicated and this calls for even more magic. I adore this quirky joyful character and her love for family and friends.  The feel good book we absolutely need this year.”– Bren MacDibble

“Another absolutely beautiful offering from Edwina Wyatt. Once again, we are taken in by Magnolia’s magnificent way of seeing the world, testing the waters of friendship and plumbing the depths of the everyday experience with all its confusion and mayhem and magic…a fine sequel to the much-loved Secrets of Magnolia Moon.” – Middle Grade Mavens

“The sequel to the much loved Secrets of Magnolia Moon which remains one of our favourite books for junior readers. A whimsical delight. In her latest adventure, Magnolia invents everyday magic to help her navigate the pitfalls of friendship, school, family and being ten. It’s a lyrical and imaginative tale that highlights everyday wonders through Magnolia’s curious and observant nature.” The Bowral Bookshop

“It’s no secret that I am a huge Edwina Wyatt fan, and I absolutely adored this book. [Magnolia] is still as creative, imaginative and intuitive as ever, but perhaps developing even more empathy and heightened feelings. The emphasis in this story is on the everyday magic that flows through Magnolia’s life and interactions. The writing is so lyrical and thoughtful and beautiful.”– Liz Ledden, One More Page

“Writing like produce from the garden – fresh, sweet and wonderful, no additives. Chef’s kiss.” – Amelia Mellor, multi-award winning author of The Grandest Bookshop in The World

“Magnolia represents something in all of us – the uncertainty of something new, of being without someone familiar, of being on the brink of a whole new life… and the enduring power of friendship.…I felt like I was coming home to old friends. I think readers of all ages will adore this…What a beautiful book – one to keep and share!” – The Book Muse


* A junior fiction novel from an award-winning  author whose lyrical writing, sense of whimsy and warmth will delight fans of Kate DiCamillo, Karen Foxlee, Katherine Applegate and Sara Pennypacker.

*Beautiful package: This hardcover book features cover and interior artwork – multiple black-and-white illustrations per chapter – by talented illustrator and textile designer Katherine Quinn.

*Suitable for independent readers aged 7+, or as a family read-aloud for ages 6+.


The Secrets of Magnolia Moon