Author: Edwina Wyatt
Illustrator: Odette Barberousse
Publisher: Berbay
Published: April 2021
Format: Hardback, 191 pages
ISBN: 9780648953388



Have you ever heard of Tish?

Tish, who was quick like a mongoose, but lazy like a bear?

Tish, who was heavy like a mammoth, but had a heart like a feather?

Tish, who had small, stumpy wings, and could almost-nearly fly?

Well, now you have.

This is the exquisite tale of an imaginary friend, desperate to be loved and the children whose beliefs make him real – at least for now.

CBCA Honour Award-winning author Edwina Wyatt has created a heart-warming story of friendship, longing and courage. Once you know Tish, you won’t ever forget him.


“Highly recommended. A delightful, bitter-sweet story about the qualities of friendship, of searching, finding, saying goodbye and hello and learning to know oneself. 

Stories like Tish are important for children as they talk of the universal need to be loved, the process of trying to adapt, trying to please and the development of confidence in what is important to oneself in a friend. Tish represents unrequited friendship, gentleness, hurt and goodness. A beautiful tale!” – ReadPlus

“A loveable middle-grade fiction about an imaginary friend who is looking to fit in and find his place in the world. A comforting book about friendship, loneliness, freedom and fitting in, especially in our formative years.” – Better Read Than Dead 

Key Selling Points

*A jaw-droppingly gorgeous read about having the power to imagine

*For fans of Katherine Applegate and Kate DiCamillo

*Written by the CBCA Honour winning author of The Secrets of Magnolia Moon and illustrated by debut French illustrator Aurélie Barbedette​

*Tish is the story of a lovable imaginary friend who is looking for his place in the world and finds it through his companionship with three different children who need him. It’s a story of friendship, goodbyes and longing, and a tale of having the confidence to believe

*Stunningly illustrated hardback edition making it the perfect gift

*Junior Fiction novel for ages 7-12

*Themes: Imaginary friends, Goodbyes, Finding identity, Courage.