Author: Edwina Wyatt
Illustrator: Odette Barberousse
Publisher: Berbay
Published: April 2021
Format: Hardback, 191 pages
ISBN: 9780648953388



“‘Where did you come from?’
The beast wanted to explain that Nowhere was a place halfway between Curiosity and Courage. But he couldn’t. For that, he would need a map; the heart is a vast place where one can easily get lost.”

Tish is the exquisite tale of a loveable imaginary friend who is looking for his place in the world and finds it through his companionship with three different children who need him.

CBCA Honour Award-winning author Edwina Wyatt has created a heart-warming story of friendship, longing and courage. Once you know Tish, you won’t ever forget him.




“A poignant, enchanting tale of an imaginary friend who develops an imagination of his own.” – Kirkus Reviews 

“Younger middle-graders will be charmed and engaged by this unusual book.” – Manhattan Book Review

“Edwina Wyatt is one of my favourite authors…Tish is a gorgeous story about imaginary friends with a bitter sweet feeling to it. That universal story of needing to be loved and have friends, and finding new friends, and saying goodbye to old friends. It’s absolutely beautiful, gentle and heart-warming and highly, highly recommended reading. Beautiful read aloud for 7 – 10 year olds.”

– Megan Daley (Episode 7, Your Kid’s Next Read Podcast)

“Highly recommended. Tish is a whimsical and poignant lower middle grade read about the power of the imagination to create imaginary friends. 

Edwina’s signature text is magical, thought-provoking and leaves an impression on each page…It is one of those books that will stay in the reader’s heart forever, for we all, young and old, once had an imaginary friend as powerful as Tish in our lives. A highly recommended text for readers aged 7 – 12– CBCA Reading Time

“Highly recommended. A delightful, bitter-sweet story about the qualities of friendship, of searching, finding, saying goodbye and hello and learning to know oneself. 

Stories like Tish are important for children as they talk of the universal need to be loved, the process of trying to adapt, trying to please and the development of confidence in what is important to oneself in a friend. Tish represents unrequited friendship, gentleness, hurt and goodness. A beautiful tale!”– ReadPlus

“You have heard of hygge, this is the book version and you need it in your life, library bookshelf stat! In true Edwina style, it is magical and fantastical, full of otherworldly goodness that we simply devoured every word on the page. The illustrations are truly exquisite and full of the whimsy captured by Edwina!  A very, very beautiful book. All Edwina Wyatt’s books are magnificent – Middle Grade Mavens

“A delight – profound and uplifting, sweet yet rough around the edges , and full of rich and playful language young readers will love.”– Multi-award winning author of The Grandest Bookshop in The World, Amelia Mellor

“Enchanting, whimsical and endearing…Our family enjoyed this unique and magical story as a read aloud and we all fell madly in love with Tish…a beautiful book that ignited our hearts and our imaginations.” – Reading with Red and the Magpie

“This book is amazing, original and refreshing – story, illustrations, design and overall presentation – it has to be a contender for an award…Wyatt’s ability to create a parallel world where the imagined live and the use of language to separate the humans from the Perfects is superb. Conveying complex philosophical concepts on Time, Space and the Imagination, mature readers will find much to ponder. Younger readers may miss some of these subtle and deeper moments but will delight in the story in its own right. A truly amazing read for 8 to 10-year olds and I think a delightful read aloud as well. (Five stars)” – Jennie Bales

“Edwina Wyatt writes with such a dazzling sense of wonder. I simply adore her descriptive language. The opening sentence drew me into the world of Charles Dimple and Tish and then I was hooked. This story is full of heart, imaginary friends, friendship and loyalty…A wonderful book to read aloud to a class or together at bed time.”– A Librarian Who Wonders

“This is a delightful story with all the love, longing and whimsy of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ but with the satisfying development of agency of the ‘Perfect’ imaginary friend as he (the titular, Tish) grows in self discovery, and develops an imagination. Wyatt’s writing style is gentle, wise and sublime, with echoes of Winnie the Pooh. This is a beautiful celebration of love, friendship, and imagination.” – Debra Tidball

“A loveable middle-grade fiction about an imaginary friend who is looking to fit in and find his place in the world. A comforting book about friendship, loneliness, freedom and fitting in, especially in our formative years.”– Better Read Than Dead

“Edwina Wyatt is a master storyteller, and in the space of a chapter can break your heart and then help put it back together again. Tish is such a special character who, like the children in the book, I am changed by knowing.  A story about friendship and letting go and finding the parts that make you you. All woven together with Wyatt’s deft writing and trademark warmth. A must read.” – Author, Kiah Thomas 

“The perfect cosy bedtime story. Grab a blanket and your little one and enjoy this heartwarming book.” – The Chestnut Tree Bookshop.

“An imaginative, well-written story, this book will appeal to kids who might feel they are misunderstood or being sidelined by their friends’ behaviour. Tish could provide a comfort to them, especially those in the 7–12 age bracket.” – Bookseller + Publisher

“Tish is a beautiful story about growing up and letting go…how the simple acts of caring and friendship can have a huge impact on our lives. It is beautifully and eloquently written…This story will be thoroughly enjoyed by those in the middle primary grades.” – Lamont

Key Selling Points

*A jaw-droppingly gorgeous read about having the power to imagine

*For fans of Katherine Applegate and Kate DiCamillo

*Written by the CBCA Honour winning author of The Secrets of Magnolia Moon and illustrated by debut French illustrator Aurélie Barbedette​

*Tish is the story of a lovable imaginary friend who is looking for his place in the world and finds it through his companionship with three different children who need him. It’s a story of friendship, goodbyes and longing, and a tale of having the confidence to believe

*Stunningly illustrated hardback edition making it the perfect gift

*Junior Fiction novel for ages 7-12

*Themes: Imaginary friends, Goodbyes, Finding identity, Courage.