Aug 19, 2015

Kids’ Book Review: In the Evening

Oscar is a quiet little character. When evening falls, he’s content to sit at his front window and simply listen and watch.

Charlie is far more outgoing. He likes to sit outside on his verandah, nodding and waving at all the goings-on as darkness falls.

One evening, Charlie gives Oscar a friendly wave. Oh no! What should quiet Oscar do? He’s not sure so he pretends not to notice.

Charlie doesn’t give up. On Tuesday he says hello. Oscar hides. On Wednesday, Charlie sends over a paper plane. Oscar ignores it.

Will Charlie keep trying to be friends? Will Oscar finally find the courage to respond?

In the Evening is a sensitive story about the complexities of friendship. It’s not always smooth sailing. Different personalities react differently, and perhaps need to approach friendship in different ways. Sometimes misunderstandings arise. Sometimes rocky patches need to be endured for lasting bonds to form.

The sweet simplicity of the narrative is complemented by whimsical watercolour and pencil illustrations that bring introvert Oscar and extrovert Charlie delightfully to life in a soft, wintry palette.

This is a gentle read, perfect for bedtime.

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