Dec 12, 2023

The Guardian: The best Australian children’s books of 2023

Composite of children’s books: Millie Mak the Maker by Alice Pung and Sher Rill Ng, What to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do by Davina Bell and Hilary Jean Tapper, The Perilous Promotion of Trilby Moffat by Kate Temple and Christopher Cooper, Who’s Afraid of the Light? by Anna McGregor, We Didn’t Think it Through by Gary Lonesborough, Royals by Tegan Bennett Daylight, Cub and Brown by Edwina Wyatt and Evie Barrow and Nothing Alike by Zewlan Moor and Peter Cheong


From picture books to young adult novels and nonfiction, one teacher-librarian picks her favourite read

As a mother of three primary school-age children, and a teacher-librarian, I read a ridiculous number of books with and to young people. I spend my days recommending books to children and hearing their views on the ones that have resonated with them. When I hear the pleas of “one more time!” after a read-aloud, or struggle to keep particular books on the library shelves due to student demand, I know that we’ve struck gold.

A commonly used analogy posits that books should serve as both windows and mirrors. I want to see the children in my life recognising themselves in the characters on the page, while glimpsing other ways of being, seeing and knowing through reading.

The small but prolific Australian children’s publishing industry produced many books of windows and mirrors this year, but my criteria for this list was simple: Which 2023 books by Australian creators were regularly requested by the children in my life?

Cub and Brown by Edwina Wyatt and Evie Barrow, Walker Books Australia

Heartwarming friendship tales

Book cover

Edwina Wyatt, author of the Magnolia Moon trilogy, has a flair for writing stories infused with whimsy and delight. Her latest offering is no exception.

Cub, an always-prepared boy scout, faces uncertainty when confronted by a bear in the woods. Brown, a bear living in a human house, becomes an unexpected companion. Their joint adventures delve into the nature of true friendship, overcoming irrational fears and honing outdoor survival skills.

Across 12 chapters, Cub and Brown exchange life lessons inspired by Cub’s scout guidelines in this charming exploration of camaraderie and personal growth.


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